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Weighted Airman Promotion System (WAPS)

The Weighted Airman Promotion System (WAPS) is a United States Air Force program that determines promotions to the ranks of Staff Sergeant (E-5) and Technical Sergeant (E-6).

The Promotion Fitness Examination is a test of material taken from the Professional Development Guide. It covers a wide range of US Air Force knowledge, including history, organization, regulations, practices, traditions, customs and situational judgement questions. The number of PFE points awarded is equal to the number of correct responses out of the 80 items on the exam.

The Specialty Knowledge Test (SKT) is a test of material is taken from the Career Development Course (CDCs), applicable Air Force instructions, and manuals for each Air Force Specialty Code (AFSC). The SKT is specific to each Airman’s AFSC. The number of SKT points awarded is equal to the number of correct responses out of the 100 items on the exam.

Promotion Eligibility Requirements

In order to compete for promotion, an Airman must be eligible and their record must be weighable. An Airman is eligible for promotion if they meet the eligibility requirements in DAFI 36-2605. An Airman’s Data Verification Record reflects whether or not his or her promotion record is weighable or nonweighable.

Personal Identification Requirements

Proper identification (ID) is required at the time of admittance for each test. Airmen must present their Common Access Card (CAC) to the Test Control Officer (TCO) and their Electronic Data Interchange Personnel Identifier (EDIPI) on the CAC must match the EDIPI on the examinee roster from AFPC. The first name and last name (and suffix if any) on the CAC ID MUST match your name in the testing system.


If you require any reasonable accommodations for testing, please contact your Test Control Officer prior to scheduling.

Last updated 2023-03-17