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No two exam programs are exactly alike. You’ve got specific but dynamic goals, and your test-takers have their own unique needs. Fortunately, with Pearson VUE you get flexible exam delivery options that help you meet both. Looking to grow your program? Take advantage of our expansive, highly secure test center network or give your candidates the option to conveniently test from home. You can even take your exams on the road, or, when the stakes are lower, let candidates test without a proctor. It’s up to you!

One platform, one record

Say goodbye to the hassle of duplicate candidate records. The VUE™ Integrated Platform™ is a single-source solution for exam development, delivery, registration, scheduling, results processing, and reporting. Regardless of how or where your exam is delivered, the test results are streamlined into a single candidate record for simplicity and convenience.

Global delivery

No one offers more testing locations than Pearson VUE. With a comprehensive test center network of more than 5,500 locations, you can reach candidates across the globe, helping you grow your exam program. And rest assured, Pearson VUE adheres to local privacy and data laws in 180+ countries.

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