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When most of the world came to a halt, the IT community kept moving forward.

Our look at the importance of IT certification is always full of insights—some anticipated, others unexpected. The 2021 results were, unsurprisingly, shaped by an entirely new lens.

The IT community felt an early and ongoing impact from the COVID-19 pandemic, one that propelled it to action. That impact most certainly influenced our survey results, which revealed that tech-focused individuals and industries are placing more importance on IT certifications than ever before.


We learned that when it comes to certifications:

  • The demand is growing—for candidates and employers alike
  • The top candidate motivation was an unexpected one
  • The tech skills gap has employers prioritizing credentialing efforts

For candidates

  • 91% say they experienced increased confidence
  • 76% feel greater job satisfaction
  • 28% report earning a pay increase

For employers:

  • 71% say their companies encourage credentialing
  • 65% believe it helps employees mentor others
  • 51% feel certifications improve the interviewing process

For candidates:

For employers:


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