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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Below you’ll find a few questions and answers specifically related to the technical experience during your exam.

Q. My proctor hasn’t started my exam yet. Where is my proctor?

A. Once you've completed the required check-in steps and have completed taking photos of your face, ID and environment, you will see the following message: You are almost done with the check-in process. Next, you’ll be placed in a queue and will wait momentarily while a proctor reviews your check-in steps. Please be aware, other candidates may be ahead of you in line. The OnVUE application should tell you where you are in queue. Most exams are launched by a proctor within 15 minutes of the appointment start time.

Any delay might mean there’s a problem with your photos or internet connection. For issues with your photos, a proctor will attempt to reach you over chat or via your cell phone. You may not recognize the phone number, which will either have a 617 US area code or say “Pearson VUE” on the caller ID, but please answer so we can assist. If we haven't contacted you within 30 minutes, we may have lost connection to you. In such cases, please contact us via chat. As a reminder, mobile devices must be kept out of arm’s reach during the testing sessions.

Q. My screen suddenly went blank. What do I do?

A. This could be due to several reasons including an interruption in the power to your computer. If you haven’t been contacted to resume your testing session or are unable to reconnect and the exam cannot be resumed, please contact us via chat so we can reschedule your exam or take other appropriate action.

Q. I received an alert about the exam being shut down. What do I do?

A. Click on the Relaunch button in the lower-right corner. The OnVUE application will reopen and place you back in the proctor queue. Once ready, the proctor will relaunch your exam.

Please note:

  • If your exam isn’t complete and you still have time, the proctor would likely be calling you to assist with relaunching your exam.
  • Your exam time is stopped while you are not using OnVUE with the test running.

Q. The next question isn’t appearing, or the exam appears to be stalling. What do I do?

A. Please bear with us, as this is likely due to your internet connection and the exam is trying to catch up. You do not lose exam time while the content is loading.

Q. The proctor revoked my exam. What do I do?

A. Contact your testing program for guidance. The proctor would have a specific reason for revoking the exam, which will be shared with your testing program so you can discuss it further.

Q. When will I hear back from customer support?

A. Please allow up to five business days for a response. We appreciate your patience as we work to help you and other candidates.

Q. What should I do if I begin to feel unwell or ill during my exam?

A. Should you begin to feel ill or unwell during your exam process, simply alert your proctor. If you are unable to alert your proctor and have to urgently leave, simply end your exam session and chat us when you are able to at a later time. Please note, once your session is revoked you will not be able to continue testing that day.

Q. How do I provide feedback about the service that I received during my testing experience?

A. If you would like to provide any feedback on the service you received during your testing experience, simply call or chat with us on pearsonvue.com.

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