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Did you know that there are roughly 2.4 million people in the United States Armed Services? And that approximately 200,000 Service members transition from military service to civilian life each year? That's an incredible potential audience for your certification program — an audience with unique skillsets, unrivaled experience and incredible motivation to pursue new qualifications to help them bridge their military experience to the civilian sector.

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Start realizing the potential of delivering certification exams to the military community:

  • Identify future candidates that are motivated professionals who may join your industry upon leaving the military
  • Expand awareness to your certification program to a fresh audience
  • Leverage existing funding avenues for candidates to help them pursue certification
  • Take advantage of our experience in the government sector to promote your exam
  • Provide value to our military community through convenient on-base testing

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Tap into the potential of the military community by delivering your exam to our on-base test centers or developing a certification or assessment specific to federal programs. Start reaching a wider testing population with the industry’s largest and most trusted network of test centers around the globe.

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