Dell Technologies Proven Professional Program


The Dell Technologies Proven Professional Certification program framework is being transformed. We've leveraged the latest Dell and industry intelligence to build relevant certifications aligned to the rapidly changing IT landscape. Our candidates will be able to take full advantage of skill based certification offers, leading to new solutions certifications.

Key highlights:

  • In February 2023, the Proven Professional Certification Program is launching a new certification framework that will include both skill and outcome-based solutions certifications.
  • Net new certifications will also be released within the new certification framework.
  • Existing legacy certifications will be migrated to the new framework throughout 2023.

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Learn more about the Proven Professional program, our available certifications (PDF, opens in new window), and the latest exam updates (PDF, opens in new window).

Exam resources

Exam Security

The Dell Technologies Proven Professional program uses advanced security monitoring to ensure the integrity, validity, and value of the certifications you earn.

All exams are computer scored immediately upon completion and candidates will immediately receive a provisional exam score report. This is not a final score. The final score is transmitted to the candidate’s CertTracker account only after a statistical analysis is conducted on the exam. This analysis identifies security issues including the use on non-approved materials to prepare for the exam. If a security issue is discovered, the candidate will receive an email notification stating their exam results have been invalided.

If you have additional program questions, please contact Dell Technologies Proven Professional support. 

Last updated 2023-12-01