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DevOps Artisan Certifications

DevOps Artisan Certifications

About DevOps Artisan

DevOps Artisan is a Bittnet Training project through which we want to support IT professional development by constantly creating new course structures designed to streamline work processes and train IT specialists for new technical roles. Bittnet Training has developed over 60 DevOps courses, including: Kubernetes, Docker, CHEF, Puppet, Ansible etc.

In addition to the wide range of courses, students have the opportunity to take certification exams to complete the learning process on their chosen technology successfully.

Learn best by doing

Doing is the best way of learning. We deliver the theory in quick, bite-sized classes, and focus more on practical challenges. Our balanced mix of knowledge and practice enables you to learn at hyper speed, address known issues, and implement the know-how effectively in your everyday job.

Proven trainers

Our trainers are certified experts who have trained large teams from top companies.. Not only do they have a wide experience with Cisco, Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, VMware , Linux, Oracle, Citrix, , ITIL®, RedHat, Adobe, Avaya, SAP and others, but they are also engineers at the core. That is why we take practice very seriously.

Virtual environment for practice

Your “playground” is already set for practice. We provide a multi-platform implementation in all cloud environments – AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). It is how we make sure you leverage your learnings into actual well-done work. All courses have a 70% hands-on approach.

Step-by-step guidance

We have already done most of the work for you. All the best practices, tools, and apps are available every step of the way so you can finish the projects in time and with optimum results: Docker, Git, Selenium, Jenkins, Ansible, Puppet, Kubernetes, Nagios – you name it.

Validated know-how

In over 3 years, we have trained +2K IT&C professionals across more than 70 DevOps courses delivered worldwide. Covering the hottest industry topics – from Associate to Specialized levels, we have created tremendous value for teams of both enterprise companies and SMB.

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Last updated 2020-12-09