Technical Evaluation (TE)

The purpose of the TE is to objectively assess a candidate’s knowledge, skills, and ability to perform as a commissioned examiner. The TE consists of 100 multiple-choice questions. The candidate will have up to 4 hours to complete the examination, unless a special accommodation has been made in advance.

TE Enrollment

Before registering for a TE appointment, a candidate must have received an enrollment confirmation from a Pearson VUE contact, including registration information and instructions on how to schedule the TE.

Identification Requirements

Please review your ID requirements here: Pearson VUE ID Policy 1 »

Personal Items

For the duration of the TE session, the use or attempted use of personal items is prohibited, such as:

  • Mobile Devices or Cameras
  • Watches
  • Cellular Phones
  • Personal Notes
  • Handheld Computers
  • Study Materials
  • Any Communication or Recording Devices
  • Handbag, Briefcase, or Backpack
  • Formulas

All personal items will be stored in a designated locked area of the testing center for the duration of the TE. Candidates will not have access to locked personal items for the duration of the TE. During unscheduled breaks, candidates can access personal belongings only if necessary. For example, if a candidate needs to have water or a snack, or take medication.

Calculators: The candidate may bring and use an HP12-C calculator during the TE. No other calculator type is allowed.

Note Boards/Markers: Erasable note boards and dry erase markers will be provided to you upon admittance to the testing room. The white boards and markers must be returned at the end of your exam.

Appointment Length vs. Test Time

For all TE appointments, an additional 30 minutes is scheduled to allow for the completion of the tutorial presented prior to your session. The additional time for these activities cannot be used toward completing the exam itself or writing on your test center-provided note board. Once you have been signed in and have completed the tutorial, the first TE question will be presented, and a timer with 4 hours will appear on the monitor. At this point, you can begin to answer TE questions.

Test Center Arrival

Please plan to arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment to allow time for check-in procedures. You will not be allowed to take the assessment if you arrive later than 15 minutes after your appointment start time and a seat is unavailable to accommodate your full testing time. You will forfeit your assessment fee and will be required to start a new enrollment before rescheduling your appointment.

Special Accommodations

If you require special accommodations, you cannot schedule your TE until the special accommodations have been approved by the FDIC and confirmed with PDRI. Please visit the TE Accommodations link for further details of requesting special accommodations.

Rescheduling and Cancellation Policy

You must contact Pearson VUE or access your online Pearson VUE account to reschedule or cancel your TE appointment at least 48 hours prior to your appointment. TE appointments cannot be rescheduled or cancelled less than 48 hours prior to your appointment. Failure to reschedule in time or failure to appear for your appointment will result in the forfeiture of the testing fee paid by your organization.

Last updated 2023-03-13