The FDIS Diploma exam

The FDIS Diploma exam consists of 50 multiple choice questions, which will appear in the same format as the self-tests the candidate has already completed. Each candidate will have 65 minutes to complete the FDIS Diploma exam. The minimum pass mark is 75%. If the candidate has a learning difficulty or disability and would like special consideration, they must contact the FDIS prior to scheduling the exam.

The candidate must first create a Pearson VUE account before they can schedule the FDIS Diploma exam. If the candidate has already created an account and wish to access it again, they need to select the ‘Sign in’ option. If the candidate has not yet created an account, they need to select the ‘Create account’ option.

If a candidate forgets their user details, they can select the ‘forgotten username’, or ‘forgotten password’ option.

If a candidate requires any assistance when scheduling the FDIS Diploma exam, please contact Pearson VUE or the FDIS on 020 39784962.

If a candidate experiences any technical difficulties when completing the FDIS Diploma, they must inform the Pearson VUE invigilator straight away and inform the FDIS once they leave the exam.

Exam results are normally available on the day and pass certificates are available after 24hrs via the online FDIS portal.

Once the candidate has sat the FDIS Diploma exam they will not be permitted to see the test paper. If a candidate does not pass the FDIS Diploma exam and wishes to rebook they can do so via the candidates FDIS account, fees apply.

Last updated 2021-12-29