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The Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts®

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SYSTEM UPDATE: SEPARATE CertiTrek (Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts) ACCOUNTS

If you have tested with other organizations through Pearson VUE, a new account has been created for you that only contains your CertiTrek exam registrations and history.

Your original account will retain exams for any other organization and may be accessed on the respective login page.

To access your new CertiTrek account, click Forgot my username and provide the required information, then your new username will be displayed on-screen. Next, click “Forgot my password” and complete the steps to access your new CertiTrek account.

The Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts® (IDFA®) is the premier national organization dedicated to the certification, education and promotion of the use of financial professionals in the divorce arena.

IDFA® Certifications

CDFA® – Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®

Educate clients on the financial implications of different divorce settlements and serve as a financial expert on divorce cases. Since 1993, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® (CDFA®) has been the most established and recognized designation in financial planning for divorce.

Things to know before you test: 

  • If you purchased an exam voucher or one of the CDFA programs from IDFA, please use the voucher provided at the time of registration to pay for your CDFA Certification exam. If you cannot find your voucher, please contact IDFA at 800-875-1760.
  • Please bring a current government ID, your financial calculator, and a copy of the calculator letter with you to the testing center.
  • You will be provided a white board during the examination and are not able to use paper scratch paper during the exam.  

Things to know when electing to use remote proctoring:

  • Please make sure to do the system check and read all the FAQ prior to testing.
  • Use of a corporate computer may cause difficulties due to the individual company’s firewall, please use your personal computer and an ethernet connection. 
  • You are not able to use scratch paper during the exam, but a whiteboard is available through the exam terminal. 
  • You are not allowed food, gum, cigarettes or breaks during the remote proctoring session. 
  • You are able to use your financial calculator during remote proctored exams.  

Last updated 2022-07-21