Introduction to the certification system of VirtAI Tech

VirtAI Tech certification will empower and train partners through a series of technologies to master AI computing related skills and gain maximum value from the emerging AI computing market.

1. VirtAI Tech certification

1.1 VSP is a free course for partner sales personnel, helping them understand the most popular AI computing technologies and development paths, and learn about the world's leading software definition GPU technology.

1.2 VTSP is a free course for partner technical personnel, helping them understand the world's leading software definition GPU technology, understand the overall components and architecture of GPU pooling, understand the upper and lower layers of AI, and have the ability to build AI overall solutions.

1.3 VAICP is a computing power pooling professional technical training exclusively launched by VirtAI Tech, which is applicable to all AI related technical personnel, including partners, end users, consultants, and personal technology enthusiasts. Through the learning and practice of this course, students can master the knowledge, abilities, and background required to deploy and maintain the OrionX AI computing resource pooling software of VirtAI Tech.

At the same time, passing the VAICP training and Pearson VUE is also a necessary condition to become the certification partner system of VirtAI Tech. Only partner companies that have passed the corresponding number of VAICP certifications can be eligible to participate in the Value Partner Program for Rebate, and other related promotional programs.

2. Pearson VUE Process Description

2.1 VSP and VTSP are currently free courses. Interested partners, please log in to the partner website to register and there will be channel colleagues contacting you.

2.2 VAICP is currently a paid course. The content includes 2 days of on-site teaching, hands-on experiments, and a Pearson VUE exam coupon.

2.3 VAICP candidates are required to comply with the exam rules when taking the exam on-site:

  • Arrival time: Please arrive at the exam center 15 minutes in advance to ensure that you have enough time to complete the necessary check-in procedures. If you are more than 15 minutes late, you may be rejected and lose your exam fee;
  • Document requirements: Please present a valid document that meets the following requirements to participate in the exam - passport, resident ID card, driver's license, officer's license. Candidates who are in the process of replacing their ID cards or losing their ID cards, please bring a temporary ID card that is within the validity period to participate in the exam. They will not accept the ID card replacement certificate issued by the public security bureau separately;
  • Personal belongings: You are not allowed to bring personal belongings into the exam area, including backpacks, books without permission from the exam organizer, notes, mobile phones, paper, watches, and wallets.

For more information on on-site exam procedures and regulations, please visit:Pearson VUE Exam Standards.

3. Obtain certificate:

Please contact the corresponding channel manager of Tencent Technology three working days after passing the exam and upload the exam results to obtain your certification certificate.

Last updated 2023-08-24