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FAQs: About the test

What do the practice tests cover?

Will the practice test provide diagnostic information about my performance?

Are there different versions of the practice tests?

How much do the practice tests cost?

How much time should I expect to spend taking the practice test?

Are the practice tests regulated by the state?

Is the practice test scored?

How long do I have to start the practice test?

Can I use the profile I have for my high stakes regulatory examination for the practice test?

I will have a special testing accommodation allowing extra time for my licensure exam. Can I also have an accommodation for a practice test?

Purchasing an online exam

Do I need different web account for my online exam and my licensure/certification exam?

What are the system requirements?

Do I need to create a profile in advance of taking the exam?

How do I purchase an online exam?

What forms of payment are available?

I purchased an exam but am not ready to take it. Can I cancel?

Taking an online exam

How do I start my online exam?

Can I stop the exam after it is started and come back later to finish it?

I lost my Internet connection or closed my browser. How can I resume the exam?

How do I get my score report?

Other questions

I have a question and cannot find the answer in the FAQs.

Last updated 2019-03-01